Natallya Roper

Graphic and Digital Media Design

Artist Statement


My name is Natallya Roper and I am a communication design major in my fourth semester here at Northampton Community College. I plan on having a career in the digital media field. editing, creating, and enhancing videos with the skills that I have been developing for over the past three years now as well as growing my skills in graphic design.

For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to do; and the world expects you to know exactly what you want to do by the time you leave the womb which is pretty crazy. I was pressured by my parents and my teachers as I hit junior year in high school. I didn’t have an exact Idea on what path I wanted to take. Working with digital media was just a hobby at first; and at the time I didn’t get that much encouragement from my parents until I switched it up and called it a potential “career”. I enjoyed this “hobby” a lot during one of the most stressful times of my life; it helped me cope. I’d say I'm lucky that I still have a passion for digital media and want to continue to pursue it well into my adult years.

I don’t necessarily have a consistent theme to the work in my portfolio pieces; I am still a bit eclectic in my art style. Some of the graphic design pieces I’ve selected are from my typography courses. When I began to study typography and design I had little to no knowledge of how important the littlest things in typography were, but through my studies in these courses I now have a better understanding and can apply it into my work.

Studying typography and design not only developed my graphic work but also my media pieces as well. With that being said for my digital media work typography is my strong suit. Even when I first started getting my feet wet in new media I always had a keen interest in typography.

If I could say where I see myself in the future as I continue on this career path I’d say I’d be creating lyric music videos for artists or background visuals for concerts, maybe as well as contributing to motion graphics in movies and the motion design work done for end credits. The perfect scenario for me is just to always work with kinetic typography no matter what project I’m doing.

I am very proud of my work. When I used to regularly post my pieces on social media my intended audience at the time which was kpop and youtuber fan bases would love, share, and enjoy my work. That in turn made me enjoy what I did even more than I already did. Just some person who I don’t know personally looking at my pieces and liking them makes me enjoy my creating works.

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